Uncovering Free Resources in Central Ohio

Are you looking for free resources in Central Ohio? From food pantries to community outreach programs, there are a variety of options available to those in need. In this article, we'll explore the different organizations and services that are available in the area. The YWCA and YMCA are two of the most well-known organizations in Central Ohio. The YWCA offers a variety of services, including housing assistance, job training, and health and wellness programs.

The YMCA provides a range of activities for children and adults, including sports, fitness classes, and after-school programs.

IMPACT Community Action

is another organization that provides assistance to those in need. They offer a variety of services, such as housing assistance, energy assistance, and financial literacy classes. They also provide job training and employment services.

For those looking for food assistance, there are several food pantries located throughout Central Ohio. Faith Mission is one of the largest food pantries in the area, providing meals to those in need. The Shelter Directory is another great resource for finding food pantries in the area.

Hands On Central Ohio

is an organization that connects volunteers with local nonprofits and community organizations.

They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, from tutoring to helping out at local events.

Neighborhood Services

is a great resource for finding out about community outreach programs and resources in Columbus. They offer a variety of services, such as the Neighborhood Liaison Program, Neighborhood Pride Program, and Pride Centers. Blessing boxes are also available throughout Central Ohio; these outdoor cabinets contain non-perishable food, basic toiletries, baby items, and other items that could be considered a blessing for someone in need.


is an online database that makes it easy to find food access resources throughout Central Ohio.

It's a great resource for those looking for food assistance.


, or Employment Training & Support Services, provides programs and services to refugees and immigrants in Central Ohio. They offer job training and family support services.

United Way of Central Ohio

is committed to creating and maintaining a community where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to their own success. They focus on fighting poverty by investing in the most effective partners that get results.

Directions for Youth & Families (DYDF)

is a nonprofit mental and behavioral health organization that provides resilience-oriented, trauma-based services to adults and youth in Central Ohio.

The Central Ohio Affordable Housing Alliance is made up of 28 nonprofit and for-profit organizations that represent the full spectrum of affordable housing activities in Franklin County.

The African-American Leadership Academy

, hosted by United Way of Central Ohio, is designed to expand the number of African-American leaders in Central Ohio who excel in their professions and are dedicated to community service.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Crisis Intervention & Evaluations

, provided by Directions for Youth & Families (DYDF), are available 24 hours a day. Central Ohio has many free resources available through community organizations.

From housing assistance to job training programs, there are plenty of options available to those in need. Whether you're looking for food assistance or volunteer opportunities, there's something for everyone in Central Ohio.

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