Discovering if Your Local Library is Part of Libraries Connect Ohio in Central Ohio

Are you looking for a way to access the resources needed for life in the 21st century? Do you live in Central Ohio and want to know if your local library partners with a community organization? If so, then Libraries Connect Ohio (LCO) is the ideal place to begin. LCO is an association of Ohio libraries and library organizations that collaborate to create and provide a basic collection of information resources and library services. By working together and purchasing authorized, commercially provided reference and research resources at the state level, Libraries Connect Ohio can offer all Ohioans access to the resources needed for life in the 21st century. The libraries are part of the Central Library Consortium (CLC), 17 library systems in central Ohio that share resources to provide 67 million items to their cardholders.

This implies that if your local library is part of the CLC, then it is likely that it is also part of LCO. To find out for sure, you can contact your local library directly or visit the LCO website. On the LCO website, you can search for your local library by name or by zip code. Once you have found your library, you can view its profile page which will list all of its partners and services.

You can also view a list of all of the libraries in the CLC and see which ones are part of LCO. By partnering with LCO, your local library can access a wide range of information resources and services that will help all Ohioans compete in the global knowledge economy. So if you want to discover if your local library is part of Libraries Connect Ohio in Central Ohio, then LCO is the perfect place to start.

Keisha Kreuziger
Keisha Kreuziger

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