Finding Local Church Partnerships in Central Ohio

Are you looking to volunteer outside of your local church and make a difference in Central Ohio? If so, you may be interested in learning more about the local Sanctuary partners in the area. The Church for All People is a faith-based nonprofit community development organization located on the south side of Columbus, near Nationwide Children's Hospital. This church is dedicated to creating a community and a church that welcomes and cares for all people, and works to improve the economic, social, and spiritual quality of life for local residents. The Church for All People is part of The Community Development for All People Corporation, which partners with other organizations in the area.

Through the Good Neighbor Fund, this organization provides resources to local residents in need. Additionally, they have created a directory to help organizations and residents learn about the resources offered by the Upper Arlington religious community. Before the pandemic, 1 in 3 residents of central Ohio lacked the income needed to meet their basic needs without help. Heartbeat International is a Columbus-based organization that equips, encourages, and conceives its pregnancy relief organizations with the leadership, tools, training, and experienced consultation needed to effectively serve their communities.

PREGNANCY DECISION HEALTH CENTERS (PDHC) has been providing abortion alternatives to women in Central Ohio since 1981. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio pairs adults with children in need of mentorship. This organization offers different positions that can be applied for by those interested in volunteering. Charlene and her husband are essential workers in central Ohio who were called back to work soon after the arrival of COVID-19. Donations to United Way have a significant impact on the most important needs of Central Ohio. The Columbus Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to providing hope to low-income, homeless, and underserved individuals and families in Columbus, OH.

Free To Smile is an organization that provides dental care with an emphasis on cleft lip and palate repair in poor and underserved areas around the world. If you're looking for ways to get involved with your local church or community organization in Central Ohio, there are plenty of options available. Visit each organization's website to learn more about volunteering and giving opportunities. You can also collaborate with local churches in Pittsburgh to help students connect to a church community that can support them and help them grow in their faith.

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