Discovering if Your Local Hospital is Partnered with a Community Organization in Central Ohio

OhioHealth is devoted to building stronger communities in Ohio by providing health resources for diverse people. The Columbus Partnership is a not-for-profit, member-based coalition that represents a wide range of industries and organizations in the Columbus region. United Way of Central Ohio focuses on fighting poverty by investing in the most effective partners that get results. We collaborate with coaches, athletic trainers, and parents in many central Ohio school districts to provide treatment for concussions and sports injuries. When children are raised in supportive families and vibrant communities, and when they have access to quality early learning experiences, they are better prepared for success in school and in life.

The African-American Leadership Academy is designed to expand the number of African-American leaders in Central Ohio who excel in their professions and are devoted to community service. Leaders of member organizations and others meet to discuss opportunities to promote economic development, smart mobility, public policy, education, leadership development, philanthropy, community branding, and downtown development. The American Red Cross Resilient Community Project strives to reduce racial, ethnic, and minority disparities in the health status, home safety, and quality of life of families in at-risk local neighborhoods in Cincinnati and Columbus. These individuals, aged 25 to 55, represent the business, nonprofit, government, education, and business sectors of the Central Ohio community. United Way of Central Ohio is committed to creating and maintaining a community where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to their own success.

The members of the Central Ohio Affordable Housing Alliance are 28 nonprofit and for-profit organizations that represent the full spectrum of affordable housing activities in Franklin County, from housing and homelessness services to housing development and housing finance. That's why we've created programs and partnerships to bring primary care, women's health services and prenatal care, annual screenings, and educational resources to the communities in central Ohio that need it most. If you're looking for information on whether your local hospital has partnered with a community organization in central Ohio, there are several ways you can find out. You can contact your local hospital directly or visit their website for more information. You can also contact the Columbus Partnership or United Way of Central Ohio for more information about their partnerships with local hospitals.

Additionally, you can contact the African-American Leadership Academy or the American Red Cross Resilient Community Project for more information about their partnerships with local hospitals. By doing your research and contacting the right organizations or individuals, you can discover if your local hospital is partnered with a community organization in central Ohio. This information can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare needs.

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