The Ultimate Guide to Community Organizations in Central Ohio

Central Ohio is a hub of community organizations that offer a wide range of services to its residents. From social services to environmental protection, there are many organizations that are devoted to helping the community. In this article, we will explore the different types of services provided by community organizations in Central Ohio. Neighborhood Services is one of the most important services offered by community organizations in Central Ohio.

The Columbus Neighborhood Services page provides information about community outreach programs and resources, such as the Neighborhood Liaison Program, Neighborhood Pride Program, and Pride Centers. These programs ensure that all members of the community have access to the resources they need. The YWCA and YMCA are two other organizations that provide social services in Central Ohio. The YWCA offers assistance, referrals, and support in accordance with Islamic principles.

Meanwhile, the YMCA provides after-school programs, mentoring, and transformative experiences to help at-risk children succeed in school and in life. IMPACT Community Action is another organization that provides social services in Central Ohio. This resource center was created to help with some of the basic needs of new and established immigrants and refugees in the Riverview Drive neighborhood of Columbus. They offer assistance to individuals aged 25 to 55 who represent the business, nonprofit, government, education, and business sectors of the Central Ohio community.

The African-American Leadership Academy is another organization that provides social services in Central Ohio. This program is designed to expand the number of African-American leaders in Central Ohio who excel in their professions and are dedicated to community service.Food Pantries are also available throughout Central Ohio. Faith Mission is one such organization that provides food pantries for those in need. They also offer a Shelter Directory for those who need assistance finding a place to stay.

Hands On Central Ohio

is an organization that helps families affected by deportation and ensures that people who apply for the risk of being deported in central Ohio have access to and are aware of the community resources available to them and their families.

The Ohio Environmental Council

is another important organization in Central Ohio.

This organization brings together many different people and groups to ensure the health of Ohio and its environment.

Free To Smile

is an organization that provides dental care with an emphasis on cleft lip and palate repair in poor and underserved areas around the world.

United Way of Central Ohio

focuses on fighting poverty by investing in the most effective partners that get results. They provide education to refugee youth ages 11 and older, soccer programs throughout the year, after-school mentoring, summer academic enrichment camp, leadership training, and other resources and support to empower them to succeed in the academic world and in soccer and have a positive impact on their communities at large.

The Central Ohio Affordable Housing Alliance

is a coalition of 28 nonprofit and for-profit organizations that represent the full spectrum of affordable housing activities in Franklin County. This alliance works together to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and contribute to their own success.

These are just some of the many types of services provided by community organizations in Central Ohio. From social services to environmental protection, these organizations are devoted to helping their communities thrive.

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