Supporting Local Businesses and Community Organizations in Central Ohio

The Office of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Development (OSBED) is a specialized network that provides free, personalized business advice to entrepreneurs and small business owners in Columbus, OH. Through phone, email, and in-person consultations, OSBED helps business owners understand the resources available to them and how to best utilize them. Additionally, the organization holds workshops to help both emerging and experienced entrepreneurs. The Columbus Foundation is a major player in the Central Ohio community.

Through their NEXUS publication, they offer resources, programs, workshops, and accelerators on social enterprises. They also act as the primary network for social enterprise activity in the area. The Foundation also awards the Columbus Foundation Award to recognize organizations that make a positive impact on youth, families, and neighborhoods. To further support small businesses in the area, the City of Columbus partnered with Next Street and Development Strategies to assess the small business ecosystem in Columbus. This assessment identified gaps and opportunities to create a thriving and inclusive ecosystem.

The City of Columbus also partnered with Goldman Sachs and Columbus State Community College to bring the Goldman Sachs Initiative to 10,000 small businesses. In recognition of their incredible generosity and contributions to the Central Ohio region, the Columbus Foundation was awarded the Sayre Prize.

Strengthening Local Businesses

in Central Ohio is essential for creating a strong economy. By taking advantage of resources like OSBED, businesses can get personalized advice on how to start, manage, and grow their business. Additionally, organizations like the Columbus Foundation provide resources on social enterprises and award organizations that make a positive impact on youth, families, and neighborhoods. Finally, initiatives like the Goldman Sachs Initiative help small businesses access capital and other resources.

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