Uncovering Upcoming Events Hosted by Community Organizations in Central Ohio

The Neighborhood Department is proud to organize a series of annual community programs that demonstrate community values. These events are designed to bring the community together and foster a sense of belonging. The Parsons Area Merchants Association (PAMA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes and supports existing businesses and landlords in the Parsons Avenue corridor and throughout South Columbus. PAMA is a great resource for discovering upcoming events in the area.

Sarai Exil, the leader of Student Success Stores, also assists students throughout Central Ohio in accessing basic needs. The Grandview Hop is a summer night market and community walk on Grandview Avenue, organized by the CYP Club on the last Saturday of each month of June, July, August and September, from 17:00 to 21:00. This event is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors and explore the local businesses. The Central Community House's annual Village Makers Festival is another great event that takes place outdoors in the green space of the English Center for Art & Community (1251 Bryden Road, Columbus).

This in-person event is open to the entire community and offers temporary, full-time and part-time employment opportunities. The Coalition raises awareness and empowers individuals and organizations to view trauma from a different perspective in order to respond in a positive and coherent way. The Coalition also hosts events that focus on improving housing stability, economic mobility, and health outcomes on the South Side. United Way of Central Ohio and several other nonprofit organizations will soon be moving to 215 North Front Street, where the new Community Impact Center is located.

If you're searching for upcoming events hosted by community organizations in Central Ohio, there are plenty of resources available. PAMA, Student Success Stores, The Grandview Hop, The Village Makers Festival, The Coalition, and United Way of Central Ohio are all great places to start. You can also check out local newspapers or online event calendars for more information.

Keisha Kreuziger
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