Achieve Self-Sufficiency with Immigrant and Refugee Services in Central Ohio

Are you an immigrant or refugee looking for a safe haven in Central Ohio? Community Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS) is an independent nonprofit organization that provides a range of services and resources to support immigrants and refugees in the area. Founded in 2003, CRIS has offices in Columbus, Cleveland, and Toledo, and works to help people from all countries establish roots and achieve self-sufficiency. The organization offers resettlement, legal, family, employment, health, and wellness services. To celebrate World Refugee Day this year, CRIS has partnered with Church World Service community organizer Blaise Balazire to organize an opportunity for promotion.

Guided by humanitarian and human rights values, CRIS helps refugees and immigrants fleeing war, violence, tyranny, and extreme poverty find safe haven in Ohio; facilitates their resettlement and their social, civic, and economic integration through client-centered and culturally appropriate services; advocates on their behalf; and helps them build vibrant communities. CRIS also offers care programs for youth, adults, and families at several sites in central Ohio. These programs are designed to help immigrants and refugees become self-sufficient by providing them with the necessary resources to succeed. At CRIS, we understand that the journey to self-sufficiency can be difficult. That's why we provide a variety of services to help immigrants and refugees adjust to their new lives in Central Ohio.

Our resettlement services include assistance with housing, employment, education, healthcare, language training, financial literacy classes, and more. We also provide legal services such as immigration assistance and representation in court proceedings. In addition to our resettlement services, we offer family services such as parenting classes, family counseling sessions, support groups for parents of children with special needs, and more. We also provide employment services such as job search assistance, resume writing workshops, job interview preparation classes, career counseling sessions, and more.

At CRIS, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency. That's why we strive to provide the best possible services to immigrants and refugees in Central Ohio. If you're an immigrant or refugee looking for a safe haven in Central Ohio, contact us today to learn more about our services.

Keisha Kreuziger
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